If you’re interested in contributing to the Portland Pizza Review, please contact us at to let us know which Portland pizzeria you’d like to write about. We suggest taking a look at our Forthcoming page to see which pizzerias are currently under review. We’d really like to include some neighborhood ‘za joints that might not be on our radar. In your email please also include a general timeframe for when we can expect your submission. Note that we will only publish pieces that meet the standards already set by our previous reviews. We look forward to reading your thoughts on the ‘za in this fine city of ours!


3 responses to “Contribute

  1. You , the jury.
    Why don’t you come over and try our pizza? Where? The Gladstone Coffee (& Pizza) 3813 S.E. Gladstone St. (pdx, of course). Pizza from 5 – 10 PM everyday.
    I, the pie.

  2. Hey, how about covering SW Portland? My favorite so far, in PDX, tho, is the Silver Dollar bar downtown. They have one that I call the carnivore, all meat, which is pretty good.

  3. You should DEFINATLY try pizza Contadino in N. portland. sourdough crust super delicious ingredients. You’re missing our if youhaven’t tried it yet….by the way. I live in Tacoma, it’s almost worth the 2-3 hour drive just for a pie.

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