About Us

The Review is maintained by a few not-so-recent Portland, Ore. transplants, seeking the best slice this fine city has to offer.

JMR is from St. Louis

EDP is from Miami

DT is from Philadelphia

IZ is from San Francisco

MK is from New England

In an effort to make this site as comprehensive as we’d like, we’ve decided to begin publishing guest reviews. If you’re interested in contributing to the Portland Pizza Review, please contact us at portlandpizza@gmail.com to let us know which Portland pizzeria you’d like to write about. We suggest taking a look at our Forthcoming page to see which pizzerias are currently under review. We’d really like to include some neighborhood ‘za joints that might not be on our radar. In your email please also include a general timeframe for when we can expect your submission. Note that we will only publish pieces that meet the standards already set by our previous reviews. We look forward to reading your thoughts on the ‘za in this fine city of ours!

If you have any ideas for how we can improve the site or would like to suggest which pizzeria we should review next, please write us!



15 responses to “About Us

  1. Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for the link! Good luck on your site!

  2. places for you to check out and review:

    Hotlips (local chain with 5 or so shops)
    Pizza Schmizza (local chain with 25 or so shops)
    Flying Pie (local chain with 2 shops – one in Lake Oswego and one on like Stark and 78th or so on the east side)

    One – Offs:
    Tributes (Formerly Richie B’s) – near Escape from NY, Just E off NW 23rd – maybe a block S from the good Sam hospital…

    There is one on Belmont across from the Belmont Dairy, I can’t remember the name. It is across Belmont from Zupans, around Belmont and 30th.


  3. Please check out “Rudy’s” on SE Powell. Let us know what you think!

  4. Oh, right–we definitely have to check out Tributes. Meant to on the Escape from New York trip but couldn’t remember quite where it was. Thanks, VR!


  5. I hear Apizza Scholls on 47th & Hawthorne is super good… But my favorite is Escape from New York on NW 23rd!

    Also, I hear Hammy’s is now delivering until 4 in the morning!

  6. Apizza scholls is quite good! I’ll be posting a full review of scholls very soon, so keep an eye out.

    It’s true, Hammy’s really does deliver into the early am, we’ve put it to the test. Late late night pizza is a special thing.

    Thanks for the ‘za enthusiasm

  7. I see that instead of responding to my comment about your review of Kustom Pizza, you have instead chosen to remove the review and the comment alike. I admire your courage in standing by what you have said. I expect this comment will disappear as well, very quickly. That’s what they teach now in college isn’t it?

    Again, thank you for your time.

  8. Hi kalkor,

    With regards to your previous comment, we responded to it, but later felt that in light of your thoughts, it would be most fair to remove the review until we had a chance to write a new one. Here was our initial response, which I suppose was removed before you had a chance to see it:

    Hi there Kalkor,

    Thank you a great deal for your comment. You are right, this review does fail to offer any real evaluation of the slice. In all honesty, this was one of our first reviews, and written well before we knew anyone would actually visit our site.

    Kustom does deserve a new review, and we’ll be sure to pay a visit when we begin the process of fleshing out and editing some of our earlier and less helpful pieces.

    Thank you for shaking us from our complacency!


  9. I apologize for jumping the gun there. Thank you for your timely, quick, and honest response! Perhaps I have misjudged, and it probably isn’t the first or last time!


  10. if your site is still alive – consider listing by types (thin crust, chains, vegetarian, etc) and cross-reference by area of the city – if you build it they will come – the shops will eventually advertise and offer specials thru your site

  11. Great idea for a site! I’m finding the “About Us” page a little thin on info, though. Are you both from Pdx? elsewhere? NY area? Midwest? I mean, so much of one’s pizza taste depends on what one views as the ideal along the thin and foldable vs deep dish continuum. Me, I’m a transplanted NYer, so it’s obvious where I fall on that divide. I’d love to know a little more about your individual pizza philosophy 🙂

  12. Reasonable Outrage

    I love Sparky’s on MLK. I didn’t expect much from their tiny store front but have been there many times. Unpretentious and just good stuff.

  13. I’m with REASONABLE OUTRAGE: Sparky’s on MLK is probably the best pizza in Portland. They are in a sketchy area, like the armpit of NE P-town but the small store is accommodating and serves up the best ‘za- especially for the price. They say “real hand tossed New York pizza” which you can see as they make your pie and its super tasty….

  14. No review about It’s a Beautiful Pizza is appropriate….just about the worst pizza around…

    However Pizza-A-Go-Go probably deserves a write up for its decent execution of NY Style thin crust.

  15. I’d like to know if any of you have been to Italy before. I see that you liked KAP. How about a pizza and experience that is 10 times better than that? If you’re serious about finding a good slice, make some time (and some $$) and head over.

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