Rudy’s Pizza


An unpretentious pizza joint off SE Powell complete with a flatscreen tv and plenty of movie memorabilia, Rudy’s pulls off what most other Portland pizza places can’t. As soon as I walked in, I had flashbacks of being in Kustom Pizza Co., and might have walked out immediately if not for the friendly lady behind the counter, who greeted us warmly before asking for our IDs (a 21+ ‘za shop!). I soon realized that the posters on the walls were in no way creepy like at Kustom Pizza Co., where the decorations are in such wild juxtaposition that one forgets he’s eating in an official eating establishment and instead fancies himself a visitor of a rather gay funhouse.

As for the ‘za, it’s American Dream without the crackery, intolerable crust (read: much better). Tons of cheese cooked to a slight scorch thrown onto a thick, chewy crust. As a result, you get a great slice of ‘za but its sauce suffers, serving only to provide a respectable barrier between crust and cheese.

Rudy’s Delivery

Though I do like the way the cheese is cooked, I can’t say any distinct flavors in it popped out at me. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t take on that rubbery quality like so many cheeses sitting atop ‘zas of this nature seem to possess. And while I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to taste any zing in the sauce, I am grateful that they didn’t plop a bunch on, which would’ve made this ‘za a mess to handle. As is, I’m happy with the proportions but am interested to see how Rudy’s develops a way to give their sauce its own voice in a world dominated by cheese and crust.

Other pluses include free bottled water when you eat in the shop, packets of very potent red pepper when you get it delivered, and a super friendly staff (extremely pleasant delivery guy).

Definitely give this shop a visit if you’re in the area.


Rudy’s Pizza
4716 SE Powell (map)

9 responses to “Rudy’s Pizza

  1. I take exception to your comments. The ‘Za” you describe sounds like it must have come from a different pizzaria… my first encounter with Rudy’s pizza will certainly be bringing me back for more.

    And my friends. And stranger on the street I stop and inform. And whoever is reading this now.

    I dare you to try the Sun dried tomato veggie with roasted garlic, and then come back and write your own review. Now I’m off to go eat the warmed up leftovers….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. This “pizzaria [sic]” must have changed their ‘za quite a bit if it’s no longer as I describe it above, which saddens me because I thought they made a pretty decent slice, a much better version of what American Dream, that popular Portland establishment, attempts to do.

    Based on your comment, though, I’m eager to try this ‘za again–but I am curious as to why you took such “exception” to the review, seeing as how I, too, told everyone to “give the shop a visit.” Perhaps you could describe the ‘za you were served in greater detail, with particular attention to the taste of the cheese and sauce? I’d be ecstatic if those elements of this promising ‘za have improved!

    Thanks for your comment, and happy eating!


  3. I’ve driven by Rudy’s at least 3 times a week since it opened. Last week I did a google on it and read your review. Of course I stopped the next time I drove by. Thank you! Been back twice since. Every one in my house loved the garlic chicken- Don’t miss trying it.
    As far as the sauce, I can’t really comment, other than to say that no one in my family had anything but good things to say about it,

  4. I think Rudy’s Pizza is the best pizza in SE Portland, hands down! We eat there several times each month. If it were on Hawthorne, pizzas would be walking out the door. My favorite is the chicken, cilantro, mushroom & garlic on red sauce, but the other combos are delicious also. Regular & gourmet choices at reasonable prices, clean, fast & friendly service.

    Convenient location: head east on Powell from 39th, past Creston Park and the school; Rudy’s is on the right side at about 48th, just across from the popular PhoHung restaurant. Let’s keep this fledgling business around – support the family run business and feast on dependable, mouth-watering pizza every time!

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  6. God, that image makes me hungry. Great blog BTW.

  7. Great pizza. I wish they would open a little earlier than NOON though.

  8. Great addition to the neighborhood, the sauce is great, veggie calzone and pepperoni pizza is done like it’s supposed to be. They’re pros up there….and fast delivery.

  9. Delicious pizza, super-friendly service, and quick delivery. Since we discovered Rudy’s, we’ve had no other pizza delivered.

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