Escape from New York

Escape From New York

“More like Clown York City,” says DT, though I can’t say I agree wholeheartedly. This ‘za shop is definitely up there among the best ones in Portland: the old cash register’s nice; the employees are no-nonsense folk who move people through the line fast; and the staff pictures are pretty cool. But one does wonder if this shop actually escaped from New York or was simply kicked out.

The first slice I ever had here a couple years ago was fantastic. Each time I’ve returned, however, I’ve been served a different kind of slice. While they’ve all had the same slightly sweet sauce (which I’m not a huge fan of), the crust has always varied in crispiness, from almost cracker-like to floppy and doughy. The cheese is fine and evenly distributed, but nothing special.

This place has been at the top of everyone’s list for some time now; and while its notoriety will keep it up there among the best, it can’t and won’t propel it to the top in this growing Portland ‘za scene.


Escape from New York
622 NW 23rd (map)
(503) 227-5423

5 responses to “Escape from New York

  1. I am never disappointed with Escape and I’ve been going there since they were downtown. I’ve lived in SE since 1989 and I always hoped they would locate on this side of the river.

  2. I am an original New Yorker; left in 1974. Travelled all over and always know I can get a real slice of NY pizza when I come to Portland at Escape. It’s all I miss about NY, so no need to return to satisfy the pizza craving.

  3. Not the best pizza in the world…and maybe not quite as good as Apizza Schols…but for a single slice of cheese IT IS THE BEST IN THIS TOWN. On top of that, the staff is simply the friendliest bunch of cool guys and girls around.

    Please, please, please open one on the east-side. I hate NW 23rd Ave!!!

  4. “move people through the line fast”?

    Sorry, I’ve been eating there for more than 15 years and I can’t get with that observation.

  5. “Each time I’ve returned, however, I’ve been served a different kind of slice”

    That’s funny, I just ate @ Escape from New York today, and the cheese pizza tasted EXACTLY the same as last time I had it, 5 years ago, and the same as it tasted the whole time I was growing up. Nearly brought tears to my eyes. In fact, the same friendly guys were working the counter 5+ years on! How’s that for consistency?

    I don’t live in the US anymore, but when I’m back for a visit, I like to eat the best of wherever I am. On this most recent trip, I had the honor of trying some of the finest Pizza NYC has to offer. Di Fara’s and Grimaldi’s, both in Brooklyn, were probably the highlights of the trip.

    Back in PDX, I dealt with the yuppies of 23rd just to grab a slice that makes me proud to call Portland home. While Escape from New York is not in the same league as the BEST pizza joints in NYC, it’s solid and tasty, and it REPRESENTS both cities.

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