Hammy’s Pizza

SECOND UPDATE, Still Summer 2008: We were misinformed! Our fact-checking has revealed the previous update to be in error. ‘Za still attainable at distance.

UPDATE, Summer 2008: Hammy’s has changed their regular and late-night delivery policy. Now delivering no further south than Holgate. Customers who once ordered multiple times per week–and reviewed them way back in 2006, before Hammy-mania hit Portland!–feel totally abandoned. Not that they shouldn’t do what they have to do to keep the business thriving, but it is a major blow.

Hammy’s personal pie

Hammy’s is a cute little start up ‘za shop on SE Clinton. The vaguely anime/Japanese star graphic adorning their exterior caught my eye from the 10 bus one day as I was returning from downtown, and I made a note to get off and give it a shot the next time I found myself in the same situation.

J and I were caught a little off guard when we first entered, primarily because we encountered a cavernous space that offered only carryout service. A huge oven, some stairs and a sink sparsely populated the area behind the counter. A drink refrigerator to the right of the register had a wide selection of Shasta beverages, which, as a connoisseur of discount carbonated beverages, I appreciated. The pizzaiolo was a young girl, exuding the excitement and nervousness one would expect from the proprietor of a new and risky business venture.

She ran a glob of dough through a flattener a couple of times, sauced it up, tossed on some cheese and shoved it in to the oven. As you can see in the picture, Hammy’s only does complete pies. The advantage is that every piece of ‘za you get will be freshly made, and will come in its own little tiny box. The disadvantage is that you must commit to a whole pie, or else come to a consensus with other ‘za goers if there is a heterogeneity of pizza preferences.

The pizza itself is reasonably good. The crust is doughy and thick; the sauce is a little sweet with no zingy bite. The cheese complements the other ingredients well. Overall if you’re into thicker pizza, and you’re in the ‘hood, Hammy’s might be worth a visit—especially if you have an interest in supporting local start-ups.

The small cheese above will cost you $4, which I feel is pretty reasonable for what you get.


Update: Delivery!

Breakfast ‘za.

Ordered a breakfast ‘za for delivery sometime after midnight last week and boy was it delicious (especially on my way to work the next morning). Egg, bacon, potatoes, tabasco sauce–what more could you ask for? Although I’ll have to eat there a few more times to make any conclusions, I think the specialty pizzas are actually the way to go here, which certainly makes sense given their menu.

The breakfast pizza cost us $7. You have to order $10 worth of goods, so we tacked on a calzone (for a non-reviewer friend) and a few Shastas. We heard that the delivery charge is $1 , but it was $2 a few hours later—so it increases as the night wears on, but I’m not sure what the max. fee is. We paid $19 total (excluding tip), which, with the calzone and the pie at $7 each and the $2 delivery charge, means the Shastas were a buck each. This doesn’t seem right because they go for 50 cents at the shop but perhaps the soda increases in value the more miles it travels.

Bottom line, though: they make a mean breakfast pizza and deliver late in the night. I look forward to visiting here more often and giving more comprehensive reviews as it establishes itself in the SE portland community.


Hammy’s Pizza
2114 SE Clinton (map)
(503) 235-1035

29 responses to “Hammy’s Pizza

  1. Fab pizza in large or personal, calzones and cheap soda till 4am. Who could ask for anything more. Did I mention they deliver til 4am!!!!

  2. I work at Hammy’s. The delivery charge is $1 before midnight and $2 after. As for the Shasta. They should be $1.00 at all times. Hope you weren’t overcharged. We’ve only been open 2 months and the consistency is starting to come together. Feel free to contact me with any comments, praise, criticism at jjshamoon@gmail.com

  3. After reading about Hammy’s on your blog, I thought I would give this start-up business a try. Yet I was disappointed to discover that Hammy’s does not deliver farther south than Holgate before midnight. I’m confused as to why 60th and Burnside (3.5 miles from Hammy’s) and not Reed College (a mere 1.8 miles away) is included in the pre-midnight delivery domain. Considering the recent demise of Reed standard Pizza Timê, as well as Reed students’ reluctance to patronize corporate and sub-standard Pizza Roma, I thought Hammy’s would at least attempt to court a relatively captive market of hungry students supportive of local sustainable businesses. I suppose I’ll have to rely on Rudy’s unless I put off eating dinner until after midnight.

  4. Hello, this is Adam from hammy’s. We now deliver to Reed College all day, starting at 11am. Mention this blog and get free breadsticks with any large pizza order until 03/01/07!!!

  5. a very important person

    I am ordering this for a party at reed and if they suck I will kill the authors of this blog whom i know personally

    ha ha ha ha

  6. a very important person

    Ok, this place is definitely worth it. The toppings are superb–at Pizzicato level at least. Delivery was precisely on time.

    A few comments:
    – I would not call this “thin crust” in my opinion. This was more of a New York style crust, not the thin “Cracker style” that I have had.
    – The delivery boxes didnt have a store name or even a menu! Hey, sell yourself Hammy’s!

  7. The breaky pie is perfect for the Sunday hangover thing, even if you get it the night before. This place rocks. And I hear thy might have a competitive pizza tossing team. Solid.

  8. Neighbour to you

    I would be so happy if Hammy’s could get a parking spot for their delivery car in fron of your store instead of parking infront of your neghbours houses. You deliver very late the car is very loud and yes, it is getting very frustrating having to deal with this.
    Like your pizza though…

  9. NOT impressed. Ordered a personal one night after visiting the search light and was dissappointed to see the “flattener”. That’s how dominos and Papa Murphys makes crust…not a real pizza joint. Pizza was OK, decent amount of tasty chees but unremarkable sauce.

    Tried a take out last night. Knew it would suck as soon as I opened the box because of the uniformity of the crust…again a victim of the “flattener”. However on this bigger pizza, the downside was the crust was entirely soggy and totally bland. Not a bit of crunch. Consistency of wet cardboard. Bummer. They’d be better if they taught their cooks to hand toss and used a hotter oven with no screens.

    On the Eastside I’ll stick with Hotlips or Vincente’s. If I need a late night delivery even the dreaded corporate behemoth that is Dominos makes better pizza.

    For reference, my favorite pie in Portland is Escape. It’s almost perfect East Coast Style pizza. My favorite pizza in the world is Aiellos on Murry Ave., Pittsburgh, PA.

  10. The “men” at this place swore at my girlfriend because it took a minute to place an order. The owner told us that that was acceptable because they where busy.

    I dont know what to say about this place as far as profesionailism is concerned, nor do I know what to say as far as men. To swear at a women over the phone, even when you make minimum wage and are overwelmed is uneqeptable.

    I would never give this place my money. clearly they are easily overwheled and can not take multiple orders at the same time.

    Do yourself the favor and dont be abused by these scum.
    I did not spell check this I am heated. I had to put this out there. Do not give them your money.

  11. On top of everything else I was told that “Rusty” Was the owner. Is it your practice to lie to customers?

    So now your owner is Migueleto.

  12. A little defensive dear owner. As one of your neighbours I am getting fed up with the loud and fast driving pizza delivery guy. Slow down….having you guys open to 4AM is the worst thing that could have happened to this neighbourhood. Oh yes, tried your pizza a few times, for what it is, very over priced give me a Dominos any day.

  13. We love everything about Hammy’s! The people who work there always wave at my 4-year old when we walk by. The delivery folks are kind and quick. The pizza is unpretentious but still tastes like food. The house salad has these amazing pickled onions on top. And nobody tries to sell you a bunch of other stuff when you order a pizza. I like that.

    Hammy’s is solid neighborhood pizza. Most of the time, that’s just what you need.

  14. Poor customer service with a total lack of professionalism. Someone who spends money on your product should never be yelled at and called rude names, esp. when it was your mistake in the first place. Don’t argue with the customer, and certainly don’t shout obscenities at them.

  15. I have been ordering from Hammy’s for a while now, and have always enjoyed the pizza, especially since I usually order after 12:00 AM.

    I have ordered a total of more than 20 times I am sure, and now suddenly I am told that I am out of the area?!

    NO ONE has ever said this before, in fact what I was told was only that Hammy’s does not deliver to NW until after 12:00am…. No big deal I rarely order before then.

    Suddenly for some unexplained reason the rules have been changed, and I am pretty upset about it, it means there is no place I can order food from late.

    thanks a lot Hammy’s…you let me down, and it makes me very sad because I was thrilled with the fact that you were different.

  16. I have no idea what Miguelito is talking about. I don’t think he knows anything about pizza.

    I myself grew up in New York and have had some of the finest pies in all creation. I would easily rank Hammy’s up there with any of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had. The crust has a very satisfying chew to it. The sauce is excellent and the ingredients are obviously fresh and very yummy.

    My favorite is the Perfect Combination with amazing olives, feta cheese and spinach. And their salads are awesome. The dressing alone is worth it, plus they use fresh mescaline greens instead of crappy iceburg.

    I wish I didn’t have to drive all the way from 88th to get their pizza but it’s well worth it.

  17. I read the reviews here so went and got me a
    breakfast pizza to give it a try. It was pretty tasty
    and overall quite good.

    For the price though, on a large, I think it could of had more than about 1/4 of potato, a couple pieces of bacon, and a hand full of cheese.

    I doctored it up with a another couple pieces of bacon and a little more cheese and it made it just right.

    So hammy’s, if you read this you should make sure there’s a enough toppings for a taste of something in every bite.

  18. Horrible customer service — apparently not uncommon based on other reviews at:


  19. I got Hammy’s out of the phone book about two years ago, I think. I’ve never been to their restaurant, but my wife and I have made it our only delivery pizza joint – we get 2-3 per month.

    Delivery is always within the time given, delivery staff are always polite, (I esp. liked the girl with The Vibrator’s T-shirt – UK punk rock band, ca. 1977).

    We always order the same thing, The Classic Supreme pizza, and it is good ! Crust is thin, but not like a soda cracker, toppings are plentiful and fresh. Sauce is good and there is enough of it, something my wife often complains about, but not with Hammy’s.

    This is a good pie, hearty but not heavy and without need for being “fixed up”, although my wife adds red pepper and I add Louisiana hot sauce.

    Good value, good pizza, had one last weekend and look forward to the next one.

  20. Hey, I was just trying to offer suggestions for improvement, not suggesting that Hammy’s be Ken’s Artisan Pizza or try to compete with Apizza Scholls. Hand tossing a pizza takes no time at all– I’ve made pizza for a living for at least 5 years of my life. Using the mechanical roller looks like it takes as much time as it would to simply hand flatten a dough ball to the place where one would toss it.

    Really, I would prefer to like it rather than criticize it.

    Maybe my soggy experience was from a delivery delay, but that really is also unacceptable–and I don’t live real far (near 34th and Salmon).

  21. I<3 Hammy’s! Having lived in NY and all over the East coast, I have known pizza at it’s finest- and Hammy’s is up there, flattener or not. I have never had anything but the best service from them, and have been ordering from them since they opened. I no longer get delivery from them as I had to move to the West side, but I work a block away from them and will be picking up a pie tonight as I have not been able to have one in about a month and am totally jonesin’.

  22. hammy’s is a last resort type pizza.

    if it’s three in the morning, and you’re really hungry and you really don’t want to go outside, you can order from hammy’s and a hour and a half later they deliver a soggy, pathetic looking heap of dough and cheese, that you have to eat with a fork, or maybe even a spoon. i wouldn’t call it pizza, but i may venture as far as calling it food.

    the staff seems sad and tired. the service is certainly sad and tired. unfortunately it’s the only place in portland that delivers late. now there’s a niche to be filled by somebody with a better business plan than making lots of gross pizzas really quickly.


    p.s. my references: escape, schmizza, hotlips, flying pie, hell even dominoes serves a better pizza.

  23. I have had several HORRIBLE experiences with hammy\’s over the past few years. Each time I decide to give them another chance, they stun me with how little they care about my business. This seems to be the consensus among my friends as well. I\’ve heard from ex-employees that it sucks to work there, so it\’s no wonder they\’re rude and their pizza is so awful. It\’s time for someone else to dominate the late night pizza delivery market in Portland.

  24. Ordered Hammy’s at around 1 AM on a Thursday. The pizza got her fast and hot, and for the price and the time, was quite tasty. About a billion times better than Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

  25. I ot extra cheese, basil, and garlic. All the ingredients seem fresh, and they’re definitely tasty.

  26. Just to let you know, dear readers:
    By request of the original poster, we’ve removed Ash’s comments.

  27. Hey, just thought you should know: My buddy, a Hammy’s delivery driver, is standing 3 ft from me right now, and he tells me that they go as far South as Woodstock.

  28. I love Hammy’s. I am from florida and I travel to Portland a few times a year. We don’t have pizza like that in Florida. I look forward to Hammy’s and I have always had a wonderful experience with costumer service and quality pie!

  29. Hammy’s is shit pizza. I will say though, if you find yourself at the Night Light next door, late night sicilian slices aren’t too bad. Normal pies are no bueno though. Way too many options on the Portland pizza scene these days to even consider Hammy’s.

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