Bellagio’s: “The Very Best”—hahahahaha. So let me tell you about Bellagio’s. This ‘za shop is part of a collection of pizza places, of the same name, located across Oregon. As such, it naturally suffers the way any food suffers when it is subjected to a scientific construction that guarantees consistency across retailers.

The cheese pie we picked up could be confused, in a pizza lineup, with a pie from Rovente’s, except it’ll set you back about $7 more than a slice from that beloved Hawthorne shack. The pizza is characterized by a thin crust, with a layer of cheese so bound to its bready foundation that it might have been painted on. Faint traces of sauce tinted red the between-space, but any flavor remained elusive to the taste buds. The XL pie is also cut in to 12 pieces, which I sort of like, since you don’t have to commit yourself to big slices, and so there are more opportunities for equitable distribution among various group sizes.

Though the standard extra-large cheese pie will run you about $15, it is only a dollar or so for more toppings, so it sort of fills a niche left wanting by the gross price differential between Rovente’s plain pizzas and their fancier toppinged siblings. The two establishments also share a similarity in their unwelcoming atmospheres (one, clean and corporate, the other, dingy and on the verge of collapse), so any reader contemplating a slice “for here” is advised to reconsider.


Bellagio’s Pizza
8112 SE 13th (map)
(503) 230-2900

3 responses to “Bellagio’s

  1. Hello. As a Bellagio’s Pizza employee (at the downtown location, not the Sellwood store you visited), I have tried every imaginable combination of toppings Bellagio’s has to offer, and frequent so many other ‘za joints around town. While I can easily agree with you that the cheese pizza from Bellagio’s isn’t too amazing compared to some other places in town, I don’t think Bellagio’s pizza should be written off so easily. First, I recommend going to the downtown store. I know nothing of the Sellwood store, and while we offer the same products (essentially), every Bellagio’s location is has a different owner, so there are bound to be some differences. Second, order fresh. As with any pizza, fresh is better than slices. Third, you say your tastebuds weren’t tantalized. That might have something to do with the fact that you ordered the most boring pizza known to man (regardless of where it is purchased). Order something other than cheese, for cryin’ out loud! If you ever decide to visit again try the Oasis. Like you said, it’s only a couple of bucks more for toppings, and those couple of bucks will be well spent.

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  3. Ellen Gorman McCarty

    Oh wow, how can you say that? I LOVE Bellagio’s Pizza. Try the Garlic Chicken or the Italian Chicken. Cheese pizza slice? That is what you base your review on? Have a fresh pie, thin/regular/or thick crust, and it truly is the best pizza around. Julie, the owner and founder, still owns five stores and the quality is excellent. Maybe the franchises mess with things, but Julie’s stores do have the best pizzas. Go to Oregon City, Tualatin, West linn and a couple others that she still owns and the quality is still there – with a great price. I used to work there and got crazy and quit – but I still like to sneak in and buy the best pizza around.

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